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What is a Disciple?

There is no small amount of ink (liquid and electronic) spent on the subject of discipleship these days. Entire ministries are built around the concept of promoting, training and developing disciples. Conferences are held to discuss and develop strategies on being disciples in various contexts. We have added adjectives to disciple in an attempt to qualify and clarify what we mean by the word disciple. Words such as radical, missional and kingdom just to name a few. We have discipleship classes, Disciple Now weekends, study courses, magazines, websites and books ad nauseaum. But at the end of the day I fear that the average Christian, the “person in the pew”, the man, woman and youth that must go live at the “shoe leather” level still is left wondering, “Just what in the world is this discipleship stuff anyway?”.

So over the next few weeks we will spill a little more e-ink on the subject. I want to see if we can look afresh at the subject and answer a few basic questions, questions like:

1. What is a disciple?
2. What does a disciple do?
3. Who should be a disciple?
4. Why be a disciple in the first place?
5. How do I become a disciple?

Not necessarily a complete list but a start. Join me for a few weeks, add your ideas to the discussion and together let us learn a little more about following our Lord and Savior, Jesus.


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