Welcome to Gospel and Grace. My name is Terry and I am the one responsible for the content of this blog. I am a Baptist (Reformed in disposition), I lead the college and young professionals ministry at my home church (Meadowood Baptist Church), I am a husband to the most marvelous wife of 31 years, Rhonda; father to two precious daughters (Rachel and Danielle) a Soldier by profession, minister by calling.

I currently serve on active duty in the US Army National Guard as a Sergeant Major in Recruiting and Retention Battalion with a total of 29 years of service in the Active Army and the National Guard.

Gospel and Grace exists to promote a Great Commission lifestyle in which we flesh out, live and speak the Gospel in all of our “Going”, and that as we make disciples and learn to do all that Christ taught us we do so with Grace in all things and to everyone.


One response to “About

  1. Ron Thomas

    Wow, Look at you go Terry the tech guy. This is good stuff. I hope you are able to reach bouth the church and un churched. I do beleve that the time is upon us to reach out to the people with truth.

    ” There are two kinds of people in the world, thoses that know Jesus and thoes that need to” Ron Thomas

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