A Fresh Start (again)

The beauty of learning how to blog, how to maintain one and what the purpose for a blog is that you can begin, end and begin again as often as needed in order to “get it right”. In a sense that is what I am doing here at Gospel and Grace. As my Grandmother used to tell me, “Third times charm”, we we will see if that holds true.

I will “revive” Gospel and Grace beginning on Tuesday the 13th of April in conjunction with my attendance at this years Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville Kentucky. I will be attending not only the main conference but the pre-conference on reaching Asian Americans and the Band of Bloggers conference as well.

I will post updates throughout the three days of the conference.

All of that being said the question is properly raised, what is the purpose of Gospel and Grace? Why does this blog exist? Will it even be read by anyone?

What is the purpose of Gospel and Grace? Simply put, it is designed to be a forum where I can “discuss” and think out loud, along with in put from readers, about how we live a life of Grace in this Genesis 3 world and that in all things we have the focus of the Gospel in all things. Another way of putting it would be to say it is to think biblically about living a Great Commission life in 21st century America.

Why does the blog exist? Can I not live the Gospel and Grace without the blog? Well, sure I could. But what G and G does is provide me the opportunity to learn from a wider cross section as well as giving me the opportunity to develop my writing skills which also serves to help me think about issues more clearly and biblically.

Will anyone read the blog? You know everyone I hope that there are many who will drop by and visit the site, find what is written to be helpful and God glorifying, add their comments and recommend the site and return themselves. But if it happens that no one reads then so be it, the benefit to those who I teach and for whom I write lesson material will be immeasurable.

May God be Glorified.



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